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Air Fryer Large Capacity 6L 8L Intelligent Electric Fryer

Air Fryer Large Capacity 6L 8L Intelligent Electric Fryer

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Product information:

Capacity: 6L
Heating method: electric heating pipe+hot air convection
Safety function: automatic power off
Rated voltage: 111V~240V (included)
Rated power: 1400W
Body material: plastic
Electric fryer type: air fryer
Product size: 329 * 329 * 308 mm
Applicable number: 4-5
Color: white, blue, black, light green
Material type: PP+stainless steel
Product classification: air fryer
Intelligence type: intelligence is not supported
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Power: 1400W

1.4 Preset menu of big lazy people: French fries, barbecue, dried fruit, pizza mode, reservation and thermal insulation auxiliary functions.
2. The air replaces the hot oil, utilizes the 360 ° convection of the hot air, and deep-fried through high-speed hot air, without oil frying pan, healthy food.
3. 1400W large firepower, strong cross-flow 8-leaf wind, evenly heated ingredients, and quickly roasted.
4. Five safety guards: high temperature resistant and environmental protection material, NTC program real-time monitoring, fuse overheat protection, and sudden jump temperature control protection.
5. The anti-scald handle adopts streamlined design, which is convenient and labor-saving to handle and has good anti-scald effect.
6. Digital color display screen, LCD touch control system, timing and temperature regulation, intelligent and simple,
7. Organic non-stick pan coating, non-stick material easy to clean.

Packing list:

Electric fryer * 1
Power cord * 1
Instruction * 1

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