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Electric Hair Growth Comb

Electric Hair Growth Comb

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Introducing our Electric Hair Growth Comb, your new best friend in the battle against hair loss! 💇‍♂️💡

🚀 Experience the power of infrared laser hair care technology, designed to stimulate hair follicles and promote healthy growth.

💆‍♀️ Say goodbye to hair loss and hello to luscious locks with our anti-hair loss hairbrush, complete with red light treatment for maximum effectiveness.

🌟 Enjoy a soothing head massage while you style, thanks to the gentle yet invigorating massaging bristles.

🔋 Conveniently rechargeable and easy to use, this hair growth comb is your ticket to thicker, fuller hair in no time!

🎉 Get ready to rock your best hair day ever - grab your Electric Hair Growth Comb today and let the transformation begin!

Main material: ABS, TPU
Input voltage: 5V
Battery capacity: 450mAh
Product net weight: 81.5g
Single set weight: 270g
Regular color: White
Charging: 1 hour
Use time: about 1.5 hours

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